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November 21st, 2017 -Pastor Tom Kirkendall

What is your favorite juice? I am thinking about those infomercials with a buff couple juicing just about anything they can find to increase health.
This Sunday is “Juicing Sunday.” Okay not really, it is actually what we call “Celebration Sunday.” It is one of our favorite services because it gets our “gratitude” juices flowing preparing us for family, turkey, and pumpkin pie (not to mention black Friday!).

We close out our Character of God series. It seems a bit premature because let’s face it we could never, ever exhaust that discussion of our infinite God. This is more like switching gears as we get our hearts ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and consider our thankfulness to God.

The sermon title is “God Is…and We Are Thankful” and our scripture will focus on a scene painted by Luke where Jesus was invited to dinner and Jesus gives those gathered a lesson in gratitude, forgiveness and worship. Check out Luke 7:36-50 if you want to read ahead.

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